Juli Douglas is best known for drawing hundreds of illustrations for, working directly with Jeff Bezos and other leaders as she created the Amazon Prime logo, Gold Box treasure chest, order delivery truck, all images for Apparel, Beauty, Baby, Jewelry, and Kitchen store launches, and countless Books graphics.  She started in 1999 and most recently drew technically-accurate nuts and bolts for the company's fast growing business.

Nordstrom, Microsoft, REI and other great organizations and people have also hired Juli to draw logos, fashion and lifestyle art, product images, maps, explanatory graphics, celebratory event announcements, and more: her clients and work are wide ranging.

Whether published on a global website, national magazine, local food truck, t-shirt, party invitation, or tattooed on a client's body -- Juli loves that each project is unique and important.

Please contact Juli with questions or to set up a time to talk.  Thank you very much!